RIS-8072-CCS Iss 2

ERTMS National Identities Management


This document sets out the requirements for arrangements for the management of the ERTMS National Identities on the GB mainline railway.

Summary Of Changes

The key change to the standard is the simplified and unified process. Instead of having separate processes for requesting national-level and international-level identities, which are largely identical, issue two sets out one process for all identities.

A newly added requirement asks organisations to inform the coordinator about identities that are no longer required. There is a limited range of useable values for each identity and this allows values to be reused for future ERTMS deployments.

Requesting ERTMS National Identities

The ERTMS National Identities Coordinator is responsible for the ERTMS National Identities that need coordination within a nation, and to act as an agent for a requesting organisation that wishes to apply for ERTMS National Identities managed by the ERA.

The ERTMS National Identities Coordinator of the GB mainline railway is the National Records Group (NRG) of Network Rail. The requesting organisation can submit the request for ERTMS National Identities via:  Please note:  users will be asked to register with the Network Rail SharePoint system on first access.

The Network Rail's process on managing ERTMS National Identities is set out in NR/L2/SIG/50030 'Management of ERTMS National Identities', which can be obtained from:

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