Data, Systems and Telematics


    • This area of discipline can be further categorised into:
      • Telematics data – Telematics is the sending, receiving, and storing of data and information across different organisations, systems and devices. Telematics in the rail industry aims to harmonise procedures, data and messages that are exchanged between railway undertakings’ and infrastructure managers’ IT systems.
      • Data needed by operational systems and processes – The scope of ‘operational systems’ is broad and multi-disciplinary. It covers long-term, short-term and very short-term planning, across timetabling, rolling stock and traincrew, as well as the reference databases which support each of these functions. This includes live operational information, such as train running, location, and allocation information.
    • How our experts work with industry

      Our team of experts has considerable experience in all aspects of operations and infrastructure. They have worked first-hand on the challenges that industry faces and are aware of the data requirements needed to meet those challenges.

      RSSB provides cross-industry governance for industry decisions and activities in many areas of rail improvement. Rail industry standards relating to data will be managed by the Data, Systems and Telematics Standards Committee, which is in the process of being established. The committee, in conjunction with RSSB, will oversee the development and maintenance of standards, guidance notes and other documents. These will be used by train operators, infrastructure managers, and train manufacturers to support the safe design, monitoring, maintenance, and operation of the railway.