Driver route knowledge training

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RSSB has produced a good practice guide to improve the effectiveness of route learning training.
Route knowledge is a key part of training for several safety critical roles, but the competence processes for route learning vary across the industry. The new guidance standardises and streamlines the type of information route learners need to know. It provides instructions on how to best utilise route learning time with a range of learning materials assessing competence at varying times. 
The guidance provides detailed instructions on how to carry out the four steps required, which are based on scientific trials with East Midlands Trains (EMT), Northern Rail and MTR Crossrail, with assistance from VolkerRail and DB Cargo.  The trials tested the new approach in a live operational environment demonstrating many benefits. 
The trial companies are looking to adopt the new approach into their organisations. 

Click here to view the good practice guide.
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