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We are excited to announce the release of our new Services and Resources Catalogue.

Across the rail industry, people have a wide spread of information needs. Our work covers all aspects of railway operations, including health and wellbeing, sustainability, asset integrity, customer satisfaction, performance, and safety. While RSSB has worked hard to meet these needs, we'll be the first to admit it hasn't always been easy to find the information you need.

So, over the last year we have worked to significantly improve access to our offerings. After the dedicated hard work of our team, we are pleased to launch our new catalogue. Its enhanced search functionality and easy-to-use format, that includes filtering options, will make it easier for you to find a specific service or resource.

As well as the bright, new easy-to-use page, there’s plenty more to discover when using the new catalogue:

  • we've added many more services and resources
  • here are informative descriptions for all of them
  • it's easier to get to the services and resources you want
  • we've added quick access links to popular offerings such as training and events.

We trust you will find our new catalogue provides improved and convenient access to our services and resources. This work demonstrates our dedication to deliver exceptional value to the rail industry.

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