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Our latest Right Track has something for the whole railway family.

In Right Track 36, we remember the anniversary of the tragic accident at Carmont, which occurred on 12 August last year and took the lives of a passenger and two of our colleagues.

We also remember the fatal accident at Colwich Junction on 19 September 1986, which resulted in part from a failure to manage change successfully. In the aftermath of Colwich, the railway made improvements to training, the Rule Book and how it briefed drivers.

In the years ahead, we will look back on Carmont and think too of the improvements we made to our reporting, our monitoring of drainage systems and earthworks, our resolve to keep pace with climate change. In the next issue of Right Track, we hope to start that process by making the accident the subject of our RAIB report brief. But for now—and forever—we must go on remembering the loss of Brett, Chris and Donald. Their loss was our loss too.

If you’re on the railway’s front line, Right Track is for you. Right Track 36 includes articles on sustainability, track worker safety, modern slavery and e-scooters. Let us know what you like, what you don’t, what you’d like to see more of, and what you never want to see again. After all, we’re in this together… #railwayfamily

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