Coronavirus pandemic - how we can help you

We know that the pandemic is having a huge impact on our members.  The railway, just like everyone else, has had to adapt quickly to new circumstances. We want to ensure you have access to the right tools and information to help you manage the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic at this challenging time.

Protecting rail staff’s health and safety

Advice on the use of whistles during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are advising that the use of whistles on platforms and stations (for example, as part of the train dispatch process), should cease for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic to remove an infection risk to employees where safer alternatives can be used. Our advice is on a one-pager which you can download.

Mental health and wellbeing

This is a challenging time for everyone, so it’s even more important that we look after our own and our staff’s mental health. Remember there’s a comprehensive range of mental wellbeing resources on our website.

Keeping the railway moving

Making decisions under pressure

Read our short 4-pager summarising how you can help rail staff be confident in making decisions under pressure. It includes top tips for staff and for line managers, as well as links to our research in this area.

Managing the impact of the pandemic

Reporting Coronavirus cases in SMIS – when and how

Read our guidance on when Coronavirus cases should be reported, and where necessary into SMIS. This includes advice on how to do the data entry in SMIS itself.

Taking Safe Decisions

In 2019 we updated Taking Safe Decisions to make it easier to use. It provides good practice on how to take decisions that are properly grounded in risk-based evidence, and that protect the safety of rail industry staff, passengers and others, satisfy the law, and respect the interests of stakeholders, whilst remaining commercially sound. Find out more about Taking Safe Decisions

Support to your business

We have expertise across the whole of the railway and we’re available to help you.  Modest help from us could make a big positive impact on your business, help your staff and provide a level of assurance.  Please contact us for help and advice, including help with applying and deviating from standards and operational rules, and undertaking risk assessments.

On-line resources

RED videos to boost learning from operational experience

Some of you may want to take advantage of home-working or periods away from the operational front-line to swot up on your safety learning. The RED videos feature dramatisations that capture valuable learning points. All REDs from number 34 up to the latest edition are are available for members to watch on our website. We are planning to convert and upload the earlier editions very soon.

R&D catalogue

Remember the full catalogue of R&D briefs and reports are available via our website.

Collaborating on-line

Do you need help using Microsoft Teams?

Our Groups and Committees will continue to meet remotely using Microsoft Teams. It’s easy to use through a web-browser or free-to-download app. If you need help and support in using MS Teams, our IT team may be able to help – contact us through the Enquiry Desk, which can be accessed through the customer self-service portal.

Business continuity at RSSB

We are only a phone call or video call away

We are here to help, so whatever challenges or issues you’re facing we want to assist. Our teams are all working remotely and so our meetings organisers, engagement managers, research analysts and technical specialists are all ready to help. Please contact us through the Enquiry Desk, which can be accessed through the customer self-service portal.



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