RSSB Membership benefits

    By being part of the RSSB world, you are better able to collaborate with others like you, to help shape solutions to issues of concern to your company and to benefit from the positive results and efficiencies.

    What are the main benefits?

    • Knowledge and toolkits
    • Training
    • Technical advice
    • Access to our leading experts
    • Networking and global communities
    • Funding and resources.

    Interested in becoming a member - GB and Overseas

    Read more about membership benefits.

    Be part of an expert community

    Bringing industry together

    Building a better, safer railway


    What services are included with membership?

    Workforce Safety

    Passenger and Public Safety

    Rolling Stock

    Taking Safe Decisions and CSMs

    Sustainable Development

    Supplier Schemes

    Safety Intelligence


    Workforce Health and Wellbeing

    And More Products and Services

    Join Us!

    Organisations wishing to join RSSB are required to complete an application form and sign the Accession Agreement contained within the Constitution Agreement.  The constitution regulates the operation and management of RSSB and the relationship amongst the Members.

    For further information on becoming a member of RSSB, please email our Membership Development Manager (  Once we have received your enquiry, you will be assigned a unique enquiry number and allocated a dedicated Engagement Manager who will guide you through each step of the joining process. 

    For all other enquires, please use our Customer Self-Service Portal.

    How to join RSSB:

    1. Register your interest by contacting (
    2. Our engagement manager will call at a time suitable for you
    3. Complete the application form Chris will send you
    4. Read and sign the agreement
    5. Enjoy your membership access! 
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