Road Risk Collaboration

Find out how companies across the rail industry are collaborating around Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway strategy to share, learn and improve the management of occupational road risk.
Road risk collaboration chart

The driving force behind industry’s road risk collaboration programme is The Leading Health & Safety on Britain’s Railway (LHSBR) strategy document.

LHSBR Section 5.4 – road driving risk, sets the key challenges for industry to collaborate on together: 

  • Improve knowledge of driving patterns, hours, distances, and accidents to raise awareness and develop industry-wide priorities for improving road driving safety
  • Learning from other industries through benchmarking approaches to improving road driving risk.
  • Agreed good practice protocols and codes of practice in all key areas relating to road driving
  • Sharing good practice between train operators to align policies on rail replacement bus services and company taxis
  • More comprehensive reporting of RTCs into SMIS and close-call relating to road driving across all rail companies and suppliers to build intelligence and inform decisions at industry level for further improvement

How to get involved with the rail industry road risk collaboration programme

To help industry to collaborate RSSB has established the Road Risk Group. This group reports to SSRG and has representatives from each of the rail industry sector safety groups, from the ORR and Trade Unions and from TfL, HS2 and Highways England.

If you or your organisation wants to get involved with road risk collaboration programme, then begin with the appointment of a company road risk champion. This individual will be your company representative

  • They will need knowledge and experience to propose and coordinate the delivery of road risk reduction programmes within your organisation
  • They need to be able to participate with your rail industry sector safety group on industry collaboration road risk reduction programmes
  • They should also be appointed as your nominated representative when your organisation completes registration for ‘Driving for Better Business’ and begins the 7 steps to excellence in the management of occupational road risk.

To help organisations to engage and fully participate follow the 10 step road risk collaboration programme.

Rail Industry Road Risk Collaboration Roadmap

The Road Risk Group have produced a rail industry road risk collaboration roadmap to help organisations understand where the rail industry is heading, and how everyone can contribute together to continuously improve the management of work-related road safety.

Find out more about the rail industry road risk collaboration roadmap.

Road Risk Collaboration Roadmap CP6
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