TARG exists to understand and review the proportion of total system risk relevant to its scope. The group is required to:

  • monitor the effectiveness of current control arrangements
  • identify and sponsor improvement opportunities, including research and RSSB-facilitated products and services
  • learn from and promote good practice
  • facilitate cooperation
  • respond to requests from the System Safety Risk Group (SSRG) and other cooperative forums
  • consider future developments that may impact its risk (horizon scanning).

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The progress we're making

Train accident risk 
Responding to the requirements of RIS-3704-TOM, TARG continues to support route and regional OPSRAMs with high-quality products, data, events, and insights, to share good practice and improve risk management. 

SPAD management 
The SPAD Risk Subgroup has developed the SPAD Self-Evaluation Tool in collaboration with operators to help industry manage SPAD risk. Operators can use the digital form to build a complete picture of their SPAD-related performance, with the results showing various improvement strategies related to specific SPAD topic areas. 

The group’s good practice guide, ‘Improving the Understanding and Management of SPAD notices’ was published in September 2023. Complete with example templates, it provides operators with best practice examples on how to complete the SPAD alert notice and the SPAD initial learning notice. 


Last updated: 26/01/2024. Read our latest train operations safety performance overview for more on how we are enhancing the safety of train operations.