ISCC oversees the work of the standards committees. It provides direction, advice and guidance on: the management and effectiveness of standards for the mainline railway; European standards issues relevant to the mainline railway; and strategic and legal issues relating to standards.

ISCC provides advice to the Department for Transport and the Office of Rail and Road on the role of the requirements in Railway Group Standards (RGS) as national technical rules or national safety rules. It also advises on the implications of these roles for the management of the mainline railway.

ISCC's activities are governed by the Railway Group Standards Code and the Standards Manual. Its full scope is set out in its remit.

Rail Leader Update – Standards, September 2023

RSSB has recently made a series of revisions to the Rule Book, including the first steps to reduce the dependency on detonators. In this rail leader update, Tom Lee, Director of Standards, discusses this and other news, including the financial benefit for industry following the revision of a particular rail industry standard.