The scope of the V/S SIC is defined in its remit and aims to:

  • Establish the committee as a recognised industry stakeholder/client group for the review and development of vehicle to structure interaction strategies, statutory requirements, standards and business processes at European and national level and the promotion of their implementation
  • Support and inform the development, management, maintenance and publication of infrastructure gauging and loading capability information, associated vehicle characteristics and the requirements for ensuring compatibility
  • Support the development of a credible and sustainable future gauge and loading capability across the national rail network, which optimises the needs of customers and funders
  • Support and develop classification methods (such as gauging, loading) that simplify access to the national rail network
  • Support and develop appropriate techniques for optimising the vehicle/structure interface
  • Support and inform the industry’s Rail Technical Strategy
  • Act as principal client for the RSSB infrastructure research topic group on vehicle/structure interface issues.

The V/S SIC is currently focussing on:

  • Revision of lower sector gauge
  • Standardisation and retention of vehicle gauging data
  • Development of new standard vehicle gauges for locomotives and for suburban vehicles
  • Every year the SIC provides an annual report on its activities to the Technical Strategy Leadership Group.