The Adhesion Research Group (ARG) exists to:

  • Promote a wider understanding of the fundamental science and engineering behind wheel/rail adhesion and related topics, such as wheel/rail electrical continuity.
  • Ensure a common and system-wide approach to these topics. For instance, by rolling stock designers, operators, infrastructure owners, and industry experts.

The Adhesion Research Group will:

  • Act as a sponsor for the ADHERE research portfolio.
  • Track the progress and delivery of endorsed research projects. Propose scope and timescale adjustments, as necessary.
  • Cooperate with both the Seasonal Challenge Steering Group and the Seasonal Challenge Communications Group to implement research on the running railway.


The group's membership includes international members and is made up of the following industry categories:

  • passenger train operators
  • rolling stock owners and leasing companies
  • infrastructure managers and owners
  • suppliers and rolling stock manufacturers
  • academia
  • RSSB.

Chair of Committee: Neil Ovenden, Rail Partners
RSSB main representative: Toby Johnson