The purpose of the TPSG is to:

  • monitor the Train Protection Strategy, investigating the risks, mitigation and options available
  • review the TPWS system and other train protection systems as information about the implementation of ERTMS becomes available
  • obtain agreement with the various key stakeholders before presenting the strategy, or any findings, to the V/TC&C SIC
  • undertake research on behalf of V/TC&C SIC, if required in the process of the delivery of the remit.

Read our remit.


The TPSG has members representing these industry stakeholders:

  • passenger train operators
  • rolling stock owners and leasing companies
  • freight and other non-passenger train operators
  • infrastructure managers and owners
  • RSSB.

Chair of committee: Andy Stringer, Siemens
RSSB main representative: Chris Harrison