Moving office to help our members

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This year marks the end of our time at The Helicon. We’re moving office to ensure that our working environment best meets the needs of our members as well as our employees.

We’ve spent many happy years at 1 South Place, Moorgate, but the time has come to bid farewell and move to a new space. Later this year, we’re moving to 25 Fenchurch Avenue, near Fenchurch Street station.  Just a 15-minute walk away from our current office, the new location remains central in the City. It also boasts an attractive frontage and offers access to multiple amenities, including a gym, staff restaurant, and auditorium. 

Why now?

It’s no secret that COVID-19 changed the fabric of how this country works. With more people fully remote or hybrid than ever before, large office spaces have lost a lot of their occupancy.

We’ve had a policy enabling flexibility of work location for some time. COVID-19 has intensified that. While it’s still vital that our people come to the office to work collaboratively, working online but offsite is far more the norm. We’ve found this is vital to helping our people achieve and maintain the work/life balance that’s so important. 

Downsizing premises but not purpose

Our office at The Helicon has 22.5k square foot, while the new space at Fenchurch Avenue is just under 15k square foot. This move will enable us to save around £400,000 each year on accommodation costs. Having such a significant saving in our back pocket will mean that we can invest that money in other areas, allowing us to increase the value we deliver for our members.

Maintaining meeting room capacity

While we’re downsizing, you can rest assured that we’re maintaining our current meeting/training room capacity. 

We know how important it is that our visitors—of which there are over 1,500 per year—have the right environment and facilities to work comfortably and collaboratively. So the new office will continue to offer rooms for meeting and training. This will enable our groups, committees, training attendees, and other visitors to continue having impactful discussions in one high-spec space.

Whether you need to see us in person or can work with us online, we look forward to the improved support we will be able to offer our members because of our office move.

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