The review assessed whether RSSB is set up to deliver member requirements in Control Period 7 (CP7). It considered the alignment of RSSB's activities with industry strategies. Additionally, it assessed RSSB’s implementation of recommendations made in ORR’s 2016 review of RSSB.

The review primarily focused on core work funded by membership levies, but also considered the mechanisms that exist to ensure there is a balance between member, grant, and commercially funded work.

The review analysed information and documentation provided by RSSB and interviews with key stakeholders, facilitated by RSSB. The final deliverable is a report containing key findings, some general advisory observations and five specific recommendations.

RSSB’s overall response

RSSB is pleased that the review found broad support for the company, and recognition of the improvements it has made since the previous ORR review in 2016. The review noted that RSSB is in a financially and structurally robust position, and it does not identify any significant problems.

Stakeholders stated that RSSB is trusted, credible, independent, and authoritative; acting as industry’s corporate memory and ensuring that industry learns from experience and shares best practice. It is a central source of expertise and assistance and acts as convenor and facilitator across the different sectors of the industry, which often have quite different views, providing a safe space for open discussions.

RSSB considers the review to be robust and supportive of RSSB’s current posture and plans, albeit some parts of the report cannot be considered representative of all members as only a single member view has been accounted for. We seek to capitalise on the advice given to drive continuous improvement across our products and services.

Detailed response to report recommendations

The review identifies five main recommendations, relating to control period planning, member engagement, industry groups, board reviews and standards. RSSB supports all five recommendations and will implement improvements through activities that are either currently underway, or soon to start.

RSSB will implement the five recommendations fully and in a timely fashion. Our proposed responses to the recommendations are detailed below.