Our purpose

To help our members keep Britain moving with safer, smarter rail.

Our goal

Our goal is for every rail employee to use an RSSB tool or service daily by 2030.

Who we are 

RSSB is a membership organisation that is owned by and serves Britain’s rail industry. It is a non-profit company limited by guarantee and governed by a Board. Its way of working is set out in the Constitution Agreement and its Articles of Association, which include the memorandum of association. 

We were established in 2003, in the aftermath of the Ladbroke Grove rail crash. Since then we have been supporting Britain’s rail sector. 

RSSB’s strategy has five key elements, designed to benefit all members. These are: 

  • Ensure financial sustainability, we aim to cut cost for members by being efficient and providing centralised technical services. 
  • Deliver outstanding customer service and engagement to members by providing tools and services that address industry challenges.
  • Reduce direct cost to members by increasing our commercial activities of assurance, consultancy, training and affiliation. 
  • Constantly improve RSSB’s organisational health to attract and keep excellent people with the right skills to create the tools and services industry needs. 
  • Through digital transformation we are improving the efficiency of our operations and better understand the needs of our customers. This enables us to provide the best tools and solutions they need.

What we do

We work collaboratively with an evolving industry to ensure that it is operated safely, and cost-effectively to the benefit of passengers and freight. 

Our work focuses on six key areas. These are safer rail, healthier rail, harmonised rail, efficient rail, future rail and sustainable rail. We develop industry standards, monitor safety and health performance, and provide sustainability guidance. Our work is underpinned by our research and data insights capability.

Our tools and solutions are developed for our members. Designed to address the most pressing issues facing the industry; cost reduction, safe and satisfied passengers, improving system reliability and resilience, adopting new technology, improving freight safety and growth, and increasing rail’s sustainability and its benefit to society.

We are proudly impartial, and home to some of rail’s leading experts on technical matters. Guided by facts and analysis, we help to bridge knowledge gaps, optimise use of the latest technology and disseminate and systemise industry best practice.We’re with you every step of the way. Learn more, watch our video.


Why it matters

Over the last few decades, the railway has grown considerably. But now we need to take it even further: efficiently increasing the mobility of people and goods, while reducing carbon emissions, pollution and gridlock on the roads. Unlocking the railway’s full potential is a massive technical challenge. Doing it safely, sustainably and efficiently is an even bigger one.

With so many businesses and organisations contributing to an increasingly dynamic system, our skills and experience in collaborating with operators and innovators, co-ordinating research and development, and codifying technical knowledge will be crucial for the rail network. With the help of the industry, we ensure that its users enjoy the benefits of rail for decades to come.

Helping us all work smarter, as well as safer. 

What we value

  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Our customers
  • Knowledge.