Standards help make a better, safer railway. Agreed by the industry, standards are developed and maintained by RSSB. They may be mandatory or optional, depending on type; and describe a common way of working in areas where they apply.

Railway Group Standards, Rail Industry Standards and Guidance Notes cover seven specific areas: Control, Command and SignallingData, Systems and TelematicsEnergy; Infrastructure; Plant; Rolling Stock; and Train Operations Management.

Research & Development

The government-funded, cross-industry R&D programme covers subjects that would be of benefit to the whole, or a large part of, the industry. Issues that would not be commercially viable for one company to investigate.

The research & development programme scope includes engineering, operations and management topics that aim to deliver reductions to industry cost and carbon footprint, increases in capacity and customer satisfaction, and improvements to safety management.

SPARK: a knowledge sharing hub where contributors can find and share information on research and innovation.

Training opportunities

Remote and face-to-face training courses: We offer training courses to help the professional development of rail employees and make a positive impact on your business. Our open courses are designed for individuals and delivered through fixed curriculums. We also offer bespoke courses tailored to your needs.


Events and Webinars: RSSB runs a range of rail events, conferences and seminars across its busy schedule. Our events aim is to bring rail professionals and subject matter experts together to an exchange of knowledge and place for networking.

Supplier Approval Scheme

Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme (RISAS): With RISAS, suppliers can become recognised as best-in-class at delivering the most challenging and high-risk products and services to the railway.

RSSB Consultancy services

RSSB consultancy: Through our expertise and experience we empower and support our clients to resolve complex problems in their businesses, demystifying the challenges they face and providing workable solutions.

Keeping you informed

We produce regular information bulletins around the work we are doing to help deliver a better, safer railway.

  • Level Crossing Digest: industry’s corporate memory for level crossing development and risk mitigation.
  • Railway Legislation News: a web page with news and updates on emerging and evolving railway legislation and standards.