Managing health and safety is good for your business.  Doing so introduces opportunities that extend past reduction in costs, risks and fewer accidents.  It can improve an organisations standing with suppliers, investors, customers and communities.  And it increases productivity, because employees are healthier, happier and better motivated.

This new area brings together a range of good practice guidance for railway leaders and managers with health & safety responsibilities.  It is a window to a wide range of RSSB information and supporting services and resources that we, as leaders, should be applying.  They are part of our journey to improve capability and effectiveness in the management of health and safety. They include:

  • information on the rail industry legislative framework and safety management systems
  • risk analysis, risk modelling, and the introduction and use of bowtie methods
  • monitoring of safety performance and change management
  • RSSB products and tools that support the effective application of the new ORR RM3 model 2019.

The content is drawn from the work RSSB produces. It often has direct input and support from organisations drawn from across all rail industry sectors. These include the routes and RSSB risk and capability groups, through cross-industry LHSBR collaboration arrangements.

Currently consideration is being given to the development of a strategic training course for leaders and senior managers - Applying good practice in health & safety management:

  • To help leaders and senior managers understand how to better use RSSB products and services.
  • To promote the benefits of effective collaboration, shared learning and the application of good practice; to reduce risk and improve effective health and safety performance.


Find out more about our Risk-Based Training Needs Analysis training. Training is only beneficial if it is based on an analysis of needs or requirements and designed in a way that ensures those requirements are met.