Highlights have included significant revision to standards for AC electrification and a new handbook for ERTMS operation, principally to support deployment on the East Coast Mainline. For the first time in decades, a new standards committee has been established, for data, systems and telematics. The chair, Liz Davies, gives her first update in Section 3 for this year’s report.

The Annual Standards Report summarises the key activities in 2022 which include:

  • Section 2 showcases 5 representative new and revised standards published in 2022 explaining the objectives and benefits being delivered.
  • Section 3 provides a narrative from each of the chairs of the seven standards committees, discussing key areas of interest in the year, including international standardisation. The list of committees is in Section 7.
  • Section 4 gives a summary of the continued delivery of the Rail Standards Strategy following its approval in late 2020.
  • Section 5 demonstrates, through detailed figures and analysis, the effective stewardship of the standards catalogue, specifically how the requirements of the Railway Group Standards Code are being met.
  • Section 6 includes information about how standards and changes to them are communicated.
  • Section 7 lists the standards committees and their subgroups.
  • Section 8 provides information on how to get in touch to seek help or provide feedback.