When the Rules Don't Apply - G-FORCE: Decision-Making Made Easier

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In this episode Patrick Allinson, Operations Control Manager at Great Western Railway, talks about his experience of the G-FORCE Tool. Patrick has been using the tool in the GWR control centre for nearly 12 months and talks about his experience and some of the incidents when G-FORCE has been used to speed decision making.

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Topics in this episode include:

  • Patrick introduces himself and describes his experience in the rail industry. [1:39]
  • Patrick describes how decision making is handled, and how rules are based around safety and experience. [2:30]
  • Patrick talks about the types of people who has used the tool and who could use G-FORCE in future. [3:49]
  • Patrick talks about when and how G-FORCE might be used, and when it should not be used. He gives some examples of its use during the trial period. [5:12]
  • Patrick talks about why he feels the industry needs G-FORCE and the benefits that it can bring. [9:10]
  • Close. [10:44]

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