Healthy Cultures

    Supporting healthy lifestyles and behaviours in the rail environment

    Challenges in the rail sector - such as shift work, a distributed workforce, sedentary roles and limited access to facilities - get in the way of individuals making healthy lifestyle choices. In fact, poor lifestyles and behaviours increase risks of chronic disease. This is key for rail’s ageing, predominantly male workforce with higher than average prevalence of diabetes and obesity. 

    Furthermore, Covid-19 has increased the importance of health and wellbeing and the need to identify and manage those at risk.

    We know that workplaces with a culture focused on health surround employees with the environment, policies, and cues that support them to make healthy choices. 

    Our Healthy Cultures work sets out the foundations for a consistent industry-wide approach to improving employee health and wellbeing. It provides a roadmap and various resources to help rail companies strategically manage workplace wellbeing. The resources can be used to plan and implement custom approaches for addressing health and wellbeing challenges. In doing so, rail companies can develop change interventions that support employees to make healthier choices and improve overall health outcomes.

    Healthy Cultures topics

    Healthy Behaviours and You
    Power of Peer Support
    Support for Chronic Health Conditions
    Wellbeing Roadmap
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