Our new brochure outlines RSSB’s mental health and wellbeing framework that helps rail companies navigate the challenges of managing workforce mental wellbeing. You will also find details of our comprehensive Toolkit, which provides a range of practical resources to implement the Framework. Together with case studies from leading organisations within the rail industry, these will enable you need to lead a comprehensive mental health and wellbeing strategy, within your organisation.

Mental wellbeing within the rail industry

Mental health and wellbeing are serious issues across the country, affecting all areas of society. NHS England has estimated that nearly half of all adults think they have experienced a mental health condition at some point in their lives . Therefore, it is likely that, we or someone we know has been affected by mental health issues at some point

Within the rail industry the issue can be particularly serious because of its unique working conditions. With fatalities on the line and experiences of work-related violence, the workforce can be exposed to a lot of mental trauma. Alongside difficult shifts patterns and performance demands, challenging conditions can impact the workforce. Annually, the rail industry loses approximately 122,170 working days due to mental ill-health.

Workplace support for workforce

Better workplace support for mental health can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year.  Research has shown that providing managers with mental health training may demonstrate a return of investment of £9 for every £1 spent.

As a central, independent and trusted voice of health and safety in the rail industry, RSSB are uniquely placed to lead on this issue. A one size fits all approach is not the solution. With our understanding of the operational railway informed by our cutting-edge research and through collaboration with the industry, we have created an evidence-based strategic framework to guide the way. RSSB offers knowledge resources, training and consultancy to support rail companies manage the issues experienced in the rail industry.

The rail industry relies on its workforce and it’s essential that we get this right. Historically, there has been insufficient rail specific expertise and information to pro-actively manage mental wellbeing in the workplace. The good news is that help is at hand.

Download our brochure  to discover the range of tools, training and resources we’ve designed to help manage and prevent mental ill-health in the rail industry.