Infection Risks

Public transport has been perceived to be an infection hotspot due to the large numbers of people being in enclosed spaces. Our experts have collaborated with various specialists to estimate the risk of infection from Covid-19 on rail.

The Covid-19 outbreak has presented us all with many challenges, and we have seen the number of rail passengers fall dramatically. RSSB is supporting the rail industry to attract passengers back to rail by undertaking work in the area of crowd simulation, to identify risk of infection from Covid-19 per average passenger journey. Here we share the preliminary results of our findings and detail what we hope to do with the results and research in the near future. Since September, the infection rate in the community has increased and there has been a substantial increase in cases. This means the assumptions made and the numbers used in these calculations would be different, with an increase in the overall risk. We are in the process of providing an update to figures which will appear on this page shortly.


RICF Paper
Rail Industry Coronavirus Forum
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