Efficient rail…where small details add up to big improvements.

We make rail more reliable and affordable by getting to the heart of operational challenges. This is how we help to improve performance and create value for passengers, operators and taxpayers.

Our research helps overcome complex issues from rail adhesion to dwell-time delays. We study every interface from train to track to platform. We combine and sift data to give our members new insights into the problems that hold back performance. And that brings the industry closer to making them things of the past.

Our guidance and tools help train operations run more smoothly, because decision-making becomes easier and more effective. That could be responding to a delay, planning rolling stock for decades to come or designing a station.

By 2024 we will be known as the leader in looking for ways to optimise Britain's rail system and its interfaces, at the lowest whole-life cost. Our research, data and insights help the industry target investment in efficiency wisely, to get results and increase value.