Our core function, ensuring that safety standards are maintained, will be particularly important as the industry transitions to a new normal. In our 2022-23 plan we will continue our work on the crucial areas of health and wellbeing, standards harmonisation, sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. At the same time we will remain flexible and adapt to the changing needs of our members and the wider industry.

Johnny Schute, Chief Operating Officer at RSSB said:

"The focus across rail is to mount a strong and determined recovery from the effects of the pandemic, and to get passengers back on the network. Through our Business Plan RSSB stands ready to play its part in support of this endeavour. We will ensure that safety remains at the very top of the agenda, and that interoperability, through our suite of standards, enhances the performance and resilience of the network.

We will be playing an important role in developing the Whole Industry Strategic Plan. We will [help] shape the industry’s key safety strategy to support safety and health improvement. We will embed sustainability through the Sustainable Rail Strategy. And we will contribute to the government’s levelling up agenda through ‘Restoring your railway’.

Our focus ensures our members have the tools they need to thrive as the railway reforms under Great British Railways. We are committed to being in the vanguard of those who are putting Britain’s railways back on track."

Specific 2022-23 deliverables include topics that will take us towards a more efficient railway system that is better for the environment, the economy, and society at large:

  • Social value
  • decarbonisation
  • reopening branch lines
  • more efficient freight planning
  • electrification and alternative fuels
  • development of the Whole Industry Strategic Plan.

We have developed our 2022-23 Business Plan in consultation with our members, affiliates, stakeholders and the wider GB rail industry.

Please view or download our 2022-23 Business Plan.