Our Business Plan

Against the backdrop of dramatic, fast changing events, as Covid-19 spread around the world, RSSB reflected on how it can best support Britain’s rail industry in a very difficult period. This plan sets out what we had originally intended to work on over the year ahead but is now, inevitably, subject to change to meet the immediate needs of our members as they address the challenges ahead.

Our core function of safety, which requires constant vigilance, will remain at the heart of what we do but we will also focus on the crucial areas of health and wellbeing, standards harmonisation, sustainability, efficiency and innovation.

Chief Executive Mark Phillips said: 

The Coronavirus which has dramatically swept around the world in a matter of weeks is changing lives forever and will undoubtedly impact Britain’s rail industry in both the immediate and longer term. At the time of preparing this plan the implications were not clear but RSSB stands ready to do whatever is necessary to help its members address the challenges ahead.

Specific 2020-21 deliverables include:

  • adapt and reinforce the Leading Health and Safety on British Railways strategy
  • provide data insights across key risk areas by conducting data insight sprints
  • support industry to deliver the recommendations of the Air Quality Strategy
  • develop guidance to better manage the consequences of bad weather
  • comprehensively update the Working Manual for Freight
  • work with the Data Sandbox+ competition winners to develop implementation plans for the innovative use of shared big data.

RSSB has developed its 2020-21 Business Plan in consultation with members, affiliates and the wider GB rail industry. 

For more information, please read the digital version of this report below. In the context of Covid-19 we do not currently intend to publish a hard copy, but this will be kept under review as the situation changes.


RSSB Business Plan 2020-21
RSSB Strategic Business Plan for CP6
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