Accessibility statement

RSSB is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website and in doing so adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines.

Our aims

RSSB is committed to providing accessible online services. Read here about the accessibility standards we adopt for our webpages, the ways in which we test the site and the browsers we support.

RSSB strives for inclusive and accessible information for all its clients.

RSSB is committed to the following accessibility principles:

  • Designing for use with assistive technologies: ensuring that our media work well with technologies such as software that reads pages aloud.
  • Standards in commissioning, editorial, design and coding. These standards include the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA, part three).
  • Looking for new ways of offering rich media in an accessible way and helping the development of technologies and standards for accessibility. 

Guidelines we follow

  • Using an easy to read font type.
  • Ensuring suitable foreground and background colour contrast.Using clear and simple grammar.
    Providing meaningful text equivalents for pictures.
  • Providing simple, consistent site navigation.
  • Ensuring the target of each link is clearly defined.
  • Providing navigational shortcuts for users of text only browsers and page readers.
  • Using appropriate structural mark-up to maximise browser support.
  • Ensuring all content and functionality is available to users without content style sheet (CSS), image and script support.

Content availability

We recognise that a great deal of content on the RSSB website is provided in PDF format. To download a PDF reader (free of charge) please visit

If you require any of our PDF documents in an alternative format such as Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) please use the customer self-service portal and we will endeavour to meet your request.

Video transcripts
All videos on this site are hosted on YouTube.  If you require the transcripts for any videos used, they are available via the YouTube view of the clip.  To access the transcripts, please follow these instructions:

  • Click on the catapult symbol (top right)
  • Click on 'More' - which sends you to YouTube
  • Click on the Transcript symbol.


Users with a range of disabilities will regularly be consulted to identify the needs of our disabled audience and to measure the performance of the current website in meeting those needs.

For major developments user testing with disabled participants will also be conducted.

Supported browsers

RSSB will develop its online content to support a reasonable range of web browsers and operating systems.

Target browser

  • IE 10.0 (2012)

Other supported browsers

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • IE 9 (2011)
  • Safari

Partially supported browsers

  • Opera
  • IE 8 (2009)
  • IE 7 (2006)

Contact us

We test, improve and maintain the RSSB site on an ongoing basis and we will try hard to solve any problems with the site as we become aware of them.  If you have any problems with the site, or suggestions, please use the customer self-service portal to log your issue.

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