We’ve worked collaboratively with the rail industry since 2003, leading research projects that have transformed the safety and efficiency of Britain’s railways. But our specialised knowledge benefits more than the UK rail industry itself.

We offer RSSB Affiliates direct access to the rail industry’s collective knowledge, as well as bespoke solutions that support the sustainable growth of your business. Our affiliates can also access our globally recognised and respected services and resources.

RSSB Affiliates include international railways, ports, construction, manufacturing, aviation, oil & gas and the financial and insurance sectors, to name a few.

If you would like to find out how RSSB Affiliation can support your organisation, please contact our membership development manager:

Chris Leech

Why join?

Our services and resources have a global marketplace; international demand has never been higher. They are designed to be used at all levels and in all areas of the rail industry to help shape our affiliates’ strategic vision and mitigate risk. What our members and affiliates share is a desire to co-operate and contribute to making a better, safer railway.

RSSB employs some of the world’s foremost experts on rail safety and standards – around 100 leading engineers, risk modellers, human factors specialists and rail professionals. Much of their work is devoted to standards, safety analysis and best practice, and R&D. RSSB affiliates can engage with our experts on a consultancy basis to help meet their objectives.  

We also run industry events and training that give you access to the latest thinking on all rail industry topics. 

RSSB creates, collates and codifies the industry’s collective knowledge to help you get up to speed quickly and apply this to your own situation. And make sure you don’t duplicate work that’s already been done.

As an RSSB affiliate you can collaborate more easily with industry peers, to help shape solutions to the issues that affect your business, and to benefit from the results

Our services and resources can help you with:

  • Reducing safety risk levels
  • Increasing capacity 
  • Improving operating performance and customer satisfaction 

If your business involves rail industry safety and standards, if you want access to the latest industry thinking, or if you want to guide research and standards for the benefit of all, we offer: 

  • Industry knowledge and tools
  • Training programmes
  • Expert technical advice
  • Consultancy and access to our leading experts
  • Networking and global communities
  • Funding and resources

For more information download our Membership brochure. 

How to join?

For further information on becoming a member or affiliate, email our Membership Development Manager


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