We strive to provide the best value for or our members, the industry as a whole and its passengers by delivering quality products, advice and guidance. We support our members and stakeholders as they respond to changes and improvements needed to keep Britain’s railway a world leader in safety and standards.

The industry has a shared vision to continue to make the railways safer, more efficient and more sustainable. A vital part of our role involves close collaboration with the industry and those key stakeholders who can influence and support. Through understanding the big picture as well as focusing on the technical detail, we can ensure the continued success of the rail system and support the industry to unlock the railway's full potential.



"At RSSB we want our employees, members and stakeholders to trust that what we give them is accurate, impartial, fair and honest. We should work in an environment where we trust one another."


"At RSSB we should be innovative and think outside the box. We should consider alternative approaches, push boundaries, and embrace change. At RSSB, we shape the future of rail."


"At RSSB we work together with colleagues, members and other stakeholders to ensure we deliver against our shared goals. Developing and maintaining relationships with those around us is essential to our success and is a key contributor to providing great experiences to our customers, both internally and externally."


"At RSSB we value knowledge because it means our actions are informed, evidence-based, and ultimately useful for the industry we serve. Knowledge is only useful if we share it."

(as defined by our people).

If you share the same values as us and are passionate about our mission, then please get in touch!