Safer Rail

We lower the risk from accidents and incidents on and around the railway for passengers, workers, and the public. Our work to analyse how human and technical risk factors combine helps the industry build safety into everything it does and every decision it makes.

Healthier Rail

We help the rail industry look after its employees and passengers. Our research and resources enable us to provide interventions that improve the health of rail staff; they also underpin our targeted advice for passengers. By creating a healthy rail environment, the network will perform at its best.

Harmonised Rail

We equip the industry with efficient and proportionate standards to ensure system interoperability. The standards we develop in close collaboration with the industry define today’s railway and enable tomorrow’s. They frame our members’ choices, lower their risks and costs, and help them plan with confidence.

Efficient Rail

We use the latest in research and development to improve the performance of the rail network. By getting to the heart of operational challenges, we help the industry make the biggest strides towards an efficient railway. And that means better value for passengers, operators and taxpayers.

Future Rail

Our research, insight and support help our members see opportunities for new ways of working to make a difference. And that helps them make smart investment decisions. Our research keeps the railway evolving and improving by signposting the best routes to modernisation.

Sustainable Rail

We bring the industry together to place rail at the heart of a green economy. Our expertise enables us to lead on an industry-wide approach to reduce harmful emissions and improve quality of life. We will always promote the crucial part rail will play in tomorrow’s sustainable transport network.