The FCG’s role is advisory and informative. The group creates a platform for cross-industry collaboration and exchange of information to address the strategic challenges highlighted in LHSBR . 

The group is required to:

  • spearhead the fatigue and alertness agenda for the industry and its workforce
  • demonstrate the progress of the industry towards leading-edge fatigue management
  • ensure the best use of rail industry resources and expertise without duplication of effort
  • drive the uptake of best practices across the railway so that they add real value.

For further information on fatigue and alertness, visit the topic hub.

The progress we’re making

We’re getting a better understanding of fatigue issues across the industry
The FCG is supporting the launch of the fatigue survey, open to all GB rail companies. The survey opened in September 2023 and is due to close in November 2023. The results will be used to understand how well fatigue and alertness is being managed in the rail industry and to suggest areas for improvement. Complete the survey today.

We’re working to embed existing fatigue guidance
The National Freight Safety Group Fatigue Working Group is consolidating the existing RSSB fatigue guidance and working to embed this within their organisations. RSSB has produced a range of guidance documents to help rail organisations manage fatigue better. All guidance documents can be found on the fatigue hub.

We’re helping duty holders record hours worked more accurately
The FCG supported the actual hours project, which explored different approaches to recording actual hours worked vs rostered hours within rail companies. The interim report has now been published and can be found here.

We’re investigating methods for monitoring driver alertness
The FCG supports a project into driver attention and alertness, involving two TOCs and one FOC. This project looks at monitoring technology to alert drivers to microsleeping and distraction behaviour.

Last updated: 19/10/2023


The group’s membership is made up of the following industry categories:

  • passenger train operators
  • freight and other non-passenger train operators
  • infrastructure managers and owners
  • RSSB.
RSSB main representative: Anna Vereker