The specialist advisory group has replaced the Occupational Hygiene Management Group and the Occupational Health Advisory Group as part of a restructure of the Rail Wellbeing Alliance’s subgroups.


OHHAG is required to:

  • identify specific workstreams to deliver positive outcomes and improvement in work-related ill health exposures and the impact of ill health at work.
  • help rail organisations understand the need for improvements and where to focus effort and resources.
  • deliver standards, tools, education, and awareness raising to support compliance, industry effectiveness and improved leadership in this area.
  • ensure the group embeds deliverables and monitors improvements.
  • support an industry-wide improvement in the prevention and management of ill health exposures and outcomes. 

The following areas are not within OHHAG’s scope: the management of health and wellbeing issues, data collection, and reporting on health. The Health and Wellbeing Action Group will cover reporting on health.


The group has members representing these industry stakeholders:

  • Association of Railway Industry Occupational Health Practitioners
  • Rail Partners Limited
  • Infrastructure contractors
  • Infrastructure managers and owners
  • Non-passenger train operators
  • Occupational health providers 
  • Passenger train operators
  • Office of Rail and Road
  • Suppliers
  • RSSB
  • Transport for London.

Chair of committee: Tracy Orlandi, East Midlands Railway
RSSB main representative: Clare Forshaw