How we’re rising to rail’s challenges

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Our 2024–29 Strategic Business Plan is now live. In it, we set out some key objectives to help address industry’s core challenges: cost reduction and performance; meeting customers’ needs; improving reliability; adopting technology; meeting the freight growth target; and value to society and sustainability.

A central part of the plan is using data and technology in new ways. By analysing data and embracing artificial intelligence, the industry can plan better and, therefore, save money. This will aid in the delivery of reliable, resilient services for passengers.

The plan also focuses on embedding key sustainability principles on a large scale. We’ve recently launched the Sustainable Rail Blueprint to help make rail more eco-friendly. The plan now is to put this into action across the sector. Working with members around GB, we’ll encourage the use of practices that are better for the planet. This will enable us to ensure that rail is fit for the future and remains attractive to passengers and customers.

Strength in numbers

The Strategic Business Plan also introduces our new ‘strategic multipliers’. These combine the expertise of different RSSB departments to generate greater value for the industry. This high-level collaboration is how we’ll drive meaningful improvements in a range of complex issues, such as climate change readiness, technology adoption, and more.

What’s also key is the applicability of these objectives and priorities for all levels of the industry. From the frontline to the executive level, our five-year Strategic Business Plan will ensure that everyone in the sector has a say and is equipped to help deliver a stronger future for rail. 

And with this renewed focus on technology, sustainability, and teamwork, we’re poised to deliver a smarter, more efficient future.

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