The rail industry workforce are exposed to unique working conditions. Shift patterns, challenging demands and working conditions, and exposure to potentially traumatic events are some of the issues that make the management of mental health in the industry particularly important. To support the workforce, it is vital for companies to take a structured and evidence-based approach to managing mental health.

Supporting the workforce with mental health also needs a RMHC that takes account of members’ feedback. The new version of the RMHC was launched in May 2024. It is easier to use and  identifies five key actions to use as a framework to help you develop your mental health strategy.

The purpose of the RMHC is to support rail organisations in that journey. It was developed with the understanding that different organisations in the industry may present both different challenges and different levels of maturity in mental health management.

Becoming an RMHC member gives you access to:

  • a framework to guide you in improving mental wellbeing in your organisation
  • specific resources for members, including a checklist for you to assess your organisation
  • Southeastern and RSSB’s support to develop your plan of action
  • a network of industry organisations.

The RMHC was revised in 2023 to make using it easier for you. The new RMHC was launched in May 2024. It identifies five key actions that should be used as a framework to help you develop your mental health strategy.

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