Susan Gray

Susan is a Stakeholder Manager in the Business Development and Engagement department.

What have you been working on recently?

I’m responsible for the CIRAS rebrand project, and that’s quite exciting. I’m also in the process of transitioning the marketing parts of my former role over to RSSB, but I’m still involved in writing and delivering CIRAS publications. I’ve also been doing a lot of engagement with CIRAS’s light rail members and LRSSB. I’m just onboarding TfGM as a new CIRAS member, and I’m working with freight and tram members to adopt the CIAS reporting app. 

What attracted you to the rail industry?

I’ve always looked for roles that are about improving society or the lives of individuals, rather than pure commercial roles. So, the idea of working to make railways safer appealed to me. I know that many people spend their entire careers in the railway, and I’m not one of them, but I love working in the industry. There’s so much innovation, and there are a great many dedicated and passionate people.  

How does your expertise help you guide rail organisations to RSSB products and services?

My main areas of expertise are relationship management and marketing. I can connect with people quickly and easily and empathise with them, getting to grips with how we can help them and make the necessary connections to ensure that CIRAS and RSSB can add value. 

With my marketing hat on, I’ve worked to really understand our frontline audience and applied this insight to decisions about brand, channels, and content that have helped more people get the CIRAS message and respond by joining us, reporting to us, and advocating for us. 

Is there anything else you’d like readers to know?

I participated in RSSB’s Emerging Leaders Programme last year and gained my Certificate in Leadership and Management, which has really helped my professional development. I’m looking forward to learning more about RSSB products and services, as well as health and safety practice, so I can do more to help RSSB and CIRAS really make a difference.