With the new safety programme, ‘Switched On’ we can all enjoy life’s adventures, and spot signs of danger and look out for our friends.

From special journeys to everyday commutes, the rail network helps get us where we need to be. The railway is switched on 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we need to be switched on to risks in the rail environment too. With more than 13,000 trespass incidents on the rail network every year, the rail industry wants to raise awareness of risks around the rail environment and is launching a brand new rail safety education programme for use in schools across the UK. 

‘Switched On’ is a free education programme developed for three age groups (3-6, 7-11 and 12-16 years) that educates pupils to understand risk and informed decision-making around the rail network. Children develop a range of skills through animation, fun activities and interactive games. Topics include learning the importance of staying with an adult and how to behave safely for 3-6 year olds, looking at the impact of peer pressure for 7-11 year olds and challenging group mindset and exploring the wider impact a decision can have for 12-16 year olds.

The message of ‘Switched On’ is increased in partnerships and community action. Therefore we want you to share ‘Switched On’ by linking to the new website (www.switchedonrailsafety.co.uk) through your website and other media channels. 

Remember to spread the word internally too! Sharing this resource with those in your network ensures they continue to enjoy life’s adventures around the railways by spotting signs of danger, looking out for friends and staying ‘Switched On’.