GERT8000-TS1 Iss 17

General signalling regulations


You will need this module if you carry out the duties of a signaller.

Summary Of Changes

In sections 3.5, 3.5.2 and 10.2 a reference has been added to a route setting position on an ERTMS line in the interests of completeness.

The reference to an on-track machine that cannot be relied upon to operate track circuits has been removed from section 12 and 12.1.

The instructions in section 13.1 have been extended to include removal of an item by the use of retrieval equipment. In the same section, the term ‘Network Rail’ has been replaced by ‘infrastructure manager’ in the interests of completeness. Section 13.1.2 has been amended to clarify the requirement to block an adjacent line is not necessary if an item is to be retrieved without anyone going onto a platform line.

An explanation is included in section 13.2.4 of the purpose of obtaining a token or staff. In In the same section, a reference has been added to a disconnection, track circuit operating device (TCOD) or engineering possession reminder (EPR) being used at a signal in relation to the site of work in anticipation of this method of working being introduced. Additionally, a reference to a block marker has been included in the interests of completeness for ERTMS lines.

Section 13.4.4 clarifies the requirement to use a sleeper as part of the protection only applies if that part of the siding has become unsafe for any movements to take place over it, the work will make the siding unsafe for any movement to enter the part under possession, or anyone is to work on or near that part of the siding. A derailer is allowed to be used rather than a sleeper. 

Enhanced instructions have been introduced in section 15.6 on dealing with trains operating under ‘Q’ train identity arrangements.

More comprehensive instructions in section 17.1.3 have been introduced to give alignment with engineering instructions.

Obsolete references to Safe Work Leader have been removed throughout. 



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Rule Book Modules: Train signalling (TS)
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Supersedes GERT8000-TS1 Iss 16
Lead Committee Traffic Operation and Management - TOM
Supporting Committee Plant - PLT; Rolling Stock - RST; Control Command and Signalling - CCS
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23 IA14
Supporting Documents GERT8000-RBBL Iss 39

Remote Disconnection Devices (RDD) as a means of providing additional protection


Application of an ACOD in axle counter areas in a line blockage where EPR has been applied