GERT8000-TW1 Iss 18

Preparation and movement of trains


You will need this module if you carry out the duties of a driver, guard, shunter, signaller or train preparer.

Summary Of Changes

Section 1 has been changed to state more correctly that the instructions must also apply when a train protection system has reduced the speed of a train without stopping it.

Instructions in section 4.4 have been reworded to improve clarity. They are explained as applying to any coaching stock, both loco-hauled and multiple unit, and to any instance when a brake is isolated during a journey, as has been the intention. The conditions have been expanded to state that, in some cases, instructions concerning defective brakes in module TW5 will also apply.

Section 7.4 has been changed to state that a dead locomotive can be formed anywhere in a freight train as long as train operating company instructions permit this and that any additional instructions those contain are carried out.

Section 10 has been amended to refer to the use of the driver’s reminder appliance (DRA) when ERTMS is in operation on the train, in situations that correspond to a line with conventional signalling, but as shown in the Note to the title, these only apply if a DRA is provided on the train.

Section 10.1 has been expanded to refer also to passing an End of Authority (EoA) without a movement authority (MA). 
Section 10.2 has been expaned to refer also to an MA, a block marker and passing an EoA without an MA. 
Section 10.3 has been expanded to refer also to passing an EoA without an MA. 
Sections 32.2 and 32.4 have been revised to replace the role ‘pilotman’ with ‘pilot’ to remove gender-specific language. 

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Rule Book Modules: Train working (TW)
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Vehicle Assessment No
Supersedes GERT8000-TW1 Iss 17
Superseded By GERT8000-TW1 Iss 18.1
Lead Committee Traffic Operation and Management - TOM
Supporting Committee Control Command and Signalling - CCS; Rolling Stock - RST; Plant - PLT
Impact Assessments
22 IA16
Supporting Documents GERT8000-RBBL Iss 38 ; GERT8000 Issue Iss 35