Standards Catalogue

You can use the Standards Catalogue to access all relevant standards managed by RSSB and other partner organisations.

Railway Group Standards (RGSs) and related documents have unique identifiers and are categorised by the activity they relate to, and the type of document they are.  Although RGSs are organised by identifying categories and codes, some standards contain multidisciplinary technical and/or operational requirements, so it is advisable to refer to the standards catalogue which filters the RGSs by standards committees.

The Management of Packet 44 Applications

Rail Industry Standard RIS-0784-CCS sets out the requirements for managing packet 44 applications in GB. The details of each packet applications in GB are provided on this web page to support the reuse of existing packet 44 applications.

Standards Annual Report 2019

The Standards Annual Report 2019 provides a retrospective view of RSSB’s work in supporting and producing standards, and in facilitating standardisation activities in the UK, Europe and worldwide. In particular, the report presents key achievements that demonstrate how RSSB standards are contributing to a better, safer and more efficient railway.

Latest updates to the catalogue

The Standards Catalogue update provides key highlights and quarterly changes to the standards published in the standards catalogue.

Rule Book App

Get 24/7 access to the Rule Book via your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop with the Rule Book App. It’s easy to use, search, personalise and update, and you can acknowledge amendments with one touch. Find out more on our dedicated Rule Book App page.


Driveability’ describes how easy it is for train drivers to take trains along a particular route safely and reliably. Driveability is influenced by the interaction of the signalling system with the trains being operated.

Depot sidings safety surveys

The M&EE Networking Group have looked at the operational risks and hazards associated with stabling, disposal and maintenance of OTM and engineering trains in Network Rail allocated stabling locations. Based on this work, we produced Siding Safety Surveys.