The Government asked RSSB to lead the development of The Blueprint and to co-create it with the whole industry. Developments were overseen by the Sustainable Rail Executive, supported by the Sustainable Rail Groups.

Providing key inputs into the long-term strategy for rail, The Blueprint highlights policy commitments, aligns with existing organisational strategies and recognises variations in national policy.

The Sustainable Rail Blueprint

The Blueprint is available digitally online and as a PDF.

The Sustainable Rail Blueprint image

Developing the Sustainable Rail Blueprint

In May 2022, a prototype document for consultation was published, the ‘Sustainable Rail Strategy: Prototype’. The consultation aimed to extend collaboration to the wider industry and external experts, to understand how the prototype would be used by the rail industry and how it could become more effective.

The Blueprint has been developed and improved with the consultation findings and engagement with industry.

The Rail Sustainable Development Principles

The Rail Sustainable Development Principles were published in 2016 to define what sustainable development means for the railway. They were developed within the Sustainable Rail Programme with significant input from its stakeholders and endorsed by the cross-industry Sustainable Development Steering Group.