Within the scope defined in the remit, the Committee’s coverage includes fixed and mobile plant used in the railway industry, and the management of risk from the use of this equipment. Coverage includes:

  • Mobile equipment and machinery used on and off the rails
  • Fixed equipment (for example lighting)Fixed machinery (for example escalators) and power supplies
  • Consideration of the interfaces between any of these items and those covered by other standards committees
  • Consideration of requirements relating to activities dealt with in general, multifunctional documents in so far as they affect items within the committee’s coverage. Examples include: competence, procurement, construction, engineering acceptance, and record keeping.

Specifically excluded are:

  • Traction power supply
  • Locomotives, wagons, and coaches that are used on rail outside of possessions and are not on-track machines

Message from Chair

The PLT SC is responsible for Railway Industry Standards (RISs) covering the technical requirements and assessment of mobile plant used for the maintenance and construction of the railway infrastructure. This includes on-track plant used in engineering possessions, on-track machines also capable of movement on the operational railway, and other plant designed or adapted for railway use. We are also the BSI panel for European and International standards that influence railway plant and equipment used to service trains.


The Plant Standards Committee has members representing the following industry categories:

  • rolling stock owners and leasing companies
  • freight and other non-passenger train operators
  • infrastructure managers and owners
  • infrastructure contractors
  • suppliers and rolling stock manufacturers
  • RSSB.

Chair of committee: Neil Halliday, RSSB
RSSB main representative: Neil Dinmore

Committee Members

Name Company Representing Status
Carl Hunt Network Rail Infrastructure Manager Member
David Geering DG Rail Consultants Limited Infrastructure Contractor Member
Edd Davison High Speed Two (HS2) Limited
Infrastructure Manager
John Ockenden Amey Rail Limited Suppliers Member
Jordan Skey Transport for London (TfL) Infrastructure Manager
Mick James Plasser UK Limited Suppliers Member
Neil Dinmore RSSB RSSB Member 
Neil Halliday RSSB Chair Chair
Neil Hewitt Volkerrail Limited Rolling Stock Owner Member
Nick Powell Colas Rail Limited Non Passenger Train Operator Member 
Nick Wilkinson Babcock Rail Limited Infrastructure Contractor Member
Olufemi Okeya Network Rail Infrastructure Manager Member
Paul Milner Matisa Matériel Industriel SA
Suppliers Member
Peter Stone Network Rail Infrastructure Manager Alternate
Phil Hibberd RSSB RSSB Observer
Rachel Ahern RSSB RSSB IGM Member
Sam Barrett AEGIS Engineering Systems (AES) Limited Suppliers Member
Shaun Mycock Balfour Beatty Rail Limited Infrastructure Contractor Member
Simon Bailey Office of Rail and Road Office of Rail and Road Observer
Vacancy Suppliers x 1 Suppliers Member