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2020 has not been the greatest year, and this has had a knock-on effect on our health and wellbeing. RSSB is proud to sponsor ‘Rail Wellbeing Live’, a 48 hour virtual health and wellbeing event on Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 November 2020. All rail staff can attend for free

Rail Wellbeing Live programme has insights for frontline staff. For example, Dr Lorimer Mosely, a worldwide leader on back pain management, will provide attendees with practical tools which complement the new back pain resources from the Musculoskeletal Disorders Group.

The programme also has insights for duty holders. It will support them in developing workplace practices and policies that support workers’ health, such as the workshop on how to develop a mental wellbeing strategy. Ill-health is estimated to cost the rail industry £889m a year. Our absence rate of 4.28% is more than double the private sector average. Covid-19 is likely to make this worse, with the British Medical Association saying it could have consequences for our mental health.

With dozens of speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise, colleagues from across the industry can tune into topics such as Healthy Behaviours, Occupational Health, Mental Health, Occupational Hygiene, Fatigue, Health & Wellbeing in Business and Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Rail Wellbeing Live is curated by the Rail Wellbeing Alliance. This cross-industry group brings together leaders and technical experts to improve the wellbeing and quality of life for a quarter of a million rail workers. 

John Halsall, chair of the Rail Wellbeing Alliance and managing director for Network Rail’s Southern Region, said: 

“We know that some 60% of workers have experienced mental health issues. And this year especially has seen all our health and wellbeing challenged in the most unexpected ways. It is such an important time to be shining a light on some pretty tough issues, like loneliness, relationships and depression.

“Rail Wellbeing Live has the opportunity to revolutionise attitudes to wellbeing in our industry. It’s about starting a conversation and encouraging everyone to share and talk about issues relating to health, creating an irresistible positive energy across the industry that will make it safer and better for all of us.”

This exciting annual event is for everyone who works in the rail industry. It has been created to inspire those in rail to lead a healthier life

Why focus on health and wellbeing?

Improving your physical and mental wellbeing can impact many different areas of your life, both at work and at home. Yet for years the rail industry hasn’t given health and wellbeing the attention it deserves.

At RSSB, we want to help the rail industry become healthier. We have created guidance and toolkits on various health and wellbeing topics; for example, supporting staff who have experienced trauma and improve their mental wellbeing, all which is free to download from our website.

Dr Michelle O’Sullivan, a chartered clinical psychologist who leads RSSB’s health and wellbeing team, says: “Good work can be good for our mental and physical health, increasing our life expectancy. We want to make the rail industry a place where people thrive. Our workforce is made up of all different types of people with different needs. We have curated a range of talks at RWL so that anyone can find something relevant to them.”

Register for Rail Wellbeing Live to view the full programme and plan your event.

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