Issue 7 | November 2023

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The Sustainable Rail Blueprint has been launched. Supported by the Department for Transport, it delivers a framework to establish rail as the backbone of a greener transport system.

Our monthly supplement, ‘Horizon explores’, focuses on sustainability, opening with George Davies, our Director of Sustainable Development, summarising what rail leaders need to know about the Blueprint. And there’s more, including articles on social value, reducing emissions, and setting targets.

We spoke with Colas Rail’s Safety and Sustainability Director, Paul Taylor, about setting tangible sustainability targets. 

Safety is also a major theme in this edition. We look at how rail leaders can achieve safety excellence and, with that in mind, how the refined SPAD Self-Evaluation Tool enables users to evaluate and manage SPAD-related performance more effectively. And we caught up with David Horne, MD of LNER, to discuss what’s being done to improve health and wellbeing in rail.