We work across Britain's evolving railway to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Supporting freight growth

The freight sector wants to grow, and the government has set an ambitious target of 75% growth by 2050. Many, including RSSB, are working together to help achieve this.
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Delivering growth in freight

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Practical solutions to help freight

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Achieving 75% growth safely

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Services and Resources

We work collaboratively with the rail industry to benefit the network as a whole. Our consultants are the same experts who set industry standards, so your project will benefit from the very latest in rail innovation.
Providing cost-effective first-class training courses to help everyone develop excellence in the global rail industry.
The Rule Book sets out the operational rules for application on the GB mainline railway, which are necessary to enable the safe and timely delivery of people and goods to their destination and to provide the framework to enable safe engineering operations.
The Standards Catalogue provides access to all standards documents including Railway Group Standards, Rail Industry Standards, codes of practice and guidance.
The RSSB RISAS scheme ensures suppliers can become recognised as best-in-class at delivering the most challenging and high-risk products and services to the railway.
RSSB has developed a wide range of services and resources to help members reduce costs while improving safety and performance. We offer services like bespoke consultancy and training, and access to some of the world’s foremost experts on rail safety and standards.
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The railway is a complex system with multiple services delivered by many different organisations. We work collaboratively across the industry to build a collective knowledge base.

If you’re an organisation committed to safety, performance, and value for money you will benefit from RSSB membership.