Social Value - Rail Supporting Healthy Communities and an Inclusive Society

Rail is a social good, the central purpose of Rail is to serve society mobility needs, and rail cannot be successful without a skilled, engaged and productive workforce and supply chain or supportive local communities.

RSSB Research identifies 10 key areas of social impact for Rail:

Common Social Impact Framework for Rail

The Common Social Impact Framework (or CSIF) for Rail aims to provide a common, consistent basis for understanding and measuring social impacts across GB rail industry organisations, projects and programmes. Across the 10 key areas of impact, it provides a library of goals, indicators, metrics and monetised values as well as approaches that can be used for qualitative reporting.


This maturity-based performance framework is for train and station operators to assess, prioritise and plan to better make their service accessible. The objective is that disabled passengers are more confident to use the GB rail network, Disabled passengers have better experiences when using the GB rail network and more rail journeys are undertaken by disabled passengers.

This self-assessment tool covers 4 domains, with 12 overall objectives:

Pre-travel services and information provision

  • Journey planning information (to and from a station) is available to all users
  • Station infrastructure and environment are accessible


  • Station information to be available to all users
  • Train model information to be available to all users
  • Station information is useable (that is understandable and applicable to the individual situation of all users)


  • Disabled passenger interactions with staff are positive overall
  • Disabled passenger interactions with staff are positive when using Passenger Assist
  • Communications from staff are clear to all users


  • On board journey experience is positive for all users
  • Alighting and boarding experience is positive for all users
  • Train facilities are fully available to all users
  • Alternative Accessible Transport journeys are positive for all users.


Accessibility Maturity Assessment Tool - Guidance for train and station operating companies
RSSB members only
Common Social Impact Framework for Rail
Recording of the IEMA webinar - November 2018
Improving the accessibility of the GB rail network report
Creating a social value measurement framework for rail - T1127
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