PTSRG’s scope comprises risk to passengers, members of the public and the workforce at stations, on platforms and on board trains. This includes:

  • slips, trips and falls
  • platform-train interface when boarding and alighting
  • platform-train interface when not boarding and alighting
  • on-board injuries
  • contact with objects in stations
  • assault, abuse and anti-social behaviour (supporting the work of the Work-Related Violence Strategic Group)
  • other injuries (such as contact with animals/insects or hazardous substances).

PTSRG’s scope incorporates staff competence and capabilities, stations procedures and station design. Injuries from train accidents, trespass and suicide are excluded, as are those at level crossings and route crime incidents.

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The progress we’re making

We’re addressing platform-train interface risk
We want to make the platform-train interface (PTI) safer. So we’re:

  • building the framework for an effective PTI strategy. It will align with current industry standards and post-pandemic shifts in customer behaviour.  
  • continuing to canvas the adoption of the PTI Risk Assessment Tool. The tool was relaunched in 2023 with enhanced features and functionality. 

We’re tackling RIFT risk
We are engaging with customers and train operating companies to address the risks associated with retrieval of items from the track (RIFT). Our insights will enable us to establish preventative measures and empower staff to make positive interventions. 

We’re updating bowties
We are reviewing and updating our passenger operations bowties to ensure they remain relevant. Once published, you’ll be able to access them in our Bowtie Server Library.


Last updated: 07/03/2024. Read our latest stations operations report for more on how we are improving safety in this area.