The scope of the V/V SIC is defined in its remit and aims to:

  • Develop a strategy for optimisation of line side equipment to assess various aspects of rolling stock condition, such as hot axle box detection equipment and wheel load impact detection
  • Explore opportunities for the reduction in train mass leading to low impact effects and track damage
  • Monitor the brief on EU lead directives associated with noise to ensure that the rail aspects are competitively addressed and focused on the noise mapping aspects
  • Ensure appropriate conventional TSI input for UK rail through effective engagement with mirror groups, building on High Speed TSI lessons learnt
  • Create an environmental and energy consumption vision through a holistic systems approach, tying in with environmental and energy consumption interfaces, such as energy used for each kg, seat, or passenger
  • Develop measuring systems for pollution, global warming, and noise, using measures such as cost per tonne of CO2, NOX, and wheel/rail noise
  • Investigate methods to optimise aerodynamics (and pressure waves)
  • Investigate methods to optimise evacuation, normal access and egress, anti-terrorist designs and measures
  • Investigate methods to optimise passenger facilities, communication, information, comfort, and personal security.