Precursor Indicator Model


    • What are train accident precursors?
      These are incidents that occur in the causal chain of train accidents and can be used to indicate the risk of accidents happening. They may not cause harm, but they have the potential to cause harm if they lead to a train accident.
    • Why does the PIM use precursors rather than train accidents?
      Thankfully on today’s railway train accidents or high-risk events are infrequent. Therefore, we can only understand risks by looking at the underlying things that might cause them. By using precursors to monitor how often things go wrong in the causal chain of an accident the PIM provides a more statistically robust method for monitoring changes in train accident risk.
    • How is the PIM used?
      The PIM provides oversight of a range of risks related to railway assets and operations. It can be used to track long- and short-term trends and to identify risk areas that may require additional management attention.
    • How does the PIM differ from the SRM?
      The SRM provides a long-term view of the modelled network-wide risk profile for the rail industry, including but not limited to train accident risk. The PIM focusses solely on train accident risk and more closely reflects the occurrence of precursors on a period-by-period basis.

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