The course covers preventative measures, to keep teams performing well, and practical proactive measures for when line managers are supporting a direct report experiencing mental ill-health. This knowledge can be applied in practical day to day management of teams and it is compliant with local HR and Occupational Health processes.

The course covers five topics which research has identified as core for line managers in the rail industry:

  • Mental health awareness
  • Responding to signs and symptoms of mental ill-health
  • Communication with staff suffering from mental ill-health
  • Managing workplace risks associated with poor mental wellbeing
  • Managing absence and return to work

The course will focus on:

  • Improving understanding of:
    • Mental health & stress, and why they’re important to address in the workplace 
    • How to nurture mentally healthy teams & manage workplace risks
  • Improving confidence in:
    • Identifying the signs, symptoms, causes of poor mental health
    • Supporting your direct reports who are experiencing poor mental health
    • Discussing mental health with employees
    • Proactively managing mental health related absence and return to work

This training has been designed by rail industry clinical psychologists and covers psychosocial risk factors experienced by the workforce, grounded in rail specific content. The course was developed following the learning outcomes of a rail industry research on effective mental health training for line managers.

Who should attend?

All line managers

2021 course dates

If you would like RSSB to deliver a bespoke training course at a location of choice, please email us with as much information as you can and we will contact you to discuss your exact requirements.

Watch this short video to learn how we can support and protect the mental wellbeing of your staff.

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