GERT8000-AC Iss 6

AC Electrified Lines


You will need this module if you carry out the duties of a train driver, guard, shunter, designated person (DP), signaller, crossing keeper or person in charge of sidings in AC electrified areas.

Summary Of Changes

Sections 12 and 13 have been revised in two main areas. The first is avoiding a need for a driver to leave the cab for inspection purposes, or circumstances in which a driver might be allowed to leave the cab for inspection purposes before the traction current has been removed. The second is managing the removal of traction current in a way that reduces the extent of reactionary delay. The changes are intended to reduce the electrical and non-electrical safety risk overall and to reduce the adverse operational impacts caused by stranded trains. A minor amendment has been made to Section 3.3 to recognise that not all frontline staff are able to speak directly to the ECO, in which case they should inform the signaller when reporting objects and defects. An incorrect reference to red bonds has also been revised in the same section.
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Rule Book Modules: Electrified lines (AC)
In Force:


Under Consultation Open
Consultation Link Consultation Link
Vehicle Assessment No
Supersedes GERT8000-AC Iss 5
Lead Committee Traffic Operation and Management - TOM
Supporting Committee Energy - ENE
Impact Assessments
20 IA13
Supporting Documents GERT8000-Issue Iss 31 ; GERT8000-RBBL Iss 34
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