GERT8000-S5 Iss 9

Passing a signal at danger or an end of authority (EoA) without a movement authority (MA)


You will need this module if you carry out the duties of a driver, guard, shunter or signaller.You will also need this module if you carry out the duties of a competent person for emergency special working or temporary block working.

Summary Of Changes

The module has been amended at sections 1,3, and 4 and a new section 7 added to introduce the ability for the signaller to authorise a driver to pass at danger two successive stop signals held at danger by the same fault. This is expected to improve reliability and operational performance by reducing the time associated with giving authority by the signaller. Section 7 of issue 8 has been withdrawn as the ability to pass an intermediate block home signal at danger without the authority of the signaller has been withdrawn. To avoid ambiguity, an explicit instruction has been added at sections 3 and 4 that the authority to pass at danger a main aspect stop signal gives authority to proceed as far as the next main aspect stop signal, disregarding any intervening ground position light signals, unless the signaller specifically instructs otherwise. Section 9.3 has been amended to reinstate a previous instruction to move the train forward initially to clear a junction or level crossing, or into a station platform, after a signal has been passed at danger without authority, before form NR3189 is completed. Section 1.1 has been amended to facilitate the introduction of high output protection zones into the Rule Book. The introduction of high output protection zones into the Rule Book is intended to improve track worker safety by removing the need for possession support staff to go trackside to place standard possession protection, and to result in improved productivity on each occasion that a high output train is used.
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Rule Book Modules: Signals (S)
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Consultation Status Closed
Vehicle Assessment No
Supersedes GERT8000-S5 Iss 8
Superseded By GERT8000-S5 Iss 10
Lead Committee Plant - PLT
Supporting Committee Control Command and Signalling - CCS
Impact Assessments
20 IA14
Supporting Documents GERT8000-Issue Iss 31 ; GERT8000-RBBL Iss 34